Tantalum rings, with little ruby


These hammered and specially adorned wedding rings are made of Tantalum.
Tantalum is a new very attractive and the world's darkest, naturally-occurring metal. Tantalum also is certified fair.
Rarer than gold, but just as heavy and with similar characteristics like it offers a handsome and elegant alternative to the usual weddings bands. It feels so noble to the wearer as well as to me as a goldsmith working with it.
One has a blue safire , the other one has a ethnic pattern, which I can also alter.
If desired I can also set other precious stones.

Did you know that the name tantalum comes from the Greek mythological figure Tantalus, father of Niobe and ruler of Manisa, also known as "the city of Tantalus".

Widths: 2 mm / 4 mm; Sizes: 56/60 ( 7-/9)

-always yours-
every ring a proof of love,
a sign of love bond,
part of an eternal ritual,
a forever talisman.